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Vegan Pickled Jalapeño Raspberry Burger Sauce

Vegan Pickled Jalapeno Raspberry Burger Sauce

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  • Author: Monkey and Me Kitchen Adventures
  • Prep Time: 10 Minutes
  • Total Time: 10 Minutes (+Soaking Time)
  • Yield: 1 Cup 1x
  • Category: Sauces
  • Cuisine: American
  • Diet: Vegan


Tangy, sweet, and delicious, this healthy, oil-free Vegan Pickled Jalapeño Raspberry Burger Sauce is absolutely amazing over Jalapeño Popper Burger.



Base Ingredients:

  • ½ cup raw cashews
  • 2 teaspoons lemon juice
  • 1 Tablespoon + 1 teaspoon distilled white vinegar
  • 1 Tablespoon pickled “tamed” jalapeno pepper juice (brine) *
  • 1 Tablespoon unsweetened plain plant milk
  • 2 Tablespoons water
  • ¼ teaspoon sea salt (+/- to taste) *

Other Ingredients:

  • ¼ cup red raspberry jam *
  • 3 Tablespoons pickled “tamed” jalapeno pepper slices *


  1. Place the raw cashews in a small bowl and cover with boiling water, allow to set for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, discard the water.
  2. In the meantime, place all the other Base Ingredients into a high-speed blender and blend until smooth and emulsified, scraping down the sides of the blender occasionally.
  3. Then place the red raspberry jam and pickled “tamed” jalapeno pepper slices into the blender and pulse until just blended. Do not over blend. You do not want to pulverize the seeds. Strain the mixture through a fine mesh strainer.  This will remove any seeds from the raspberry jam and pickled jalapeno peppers.
  4. Place in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.


*Tips for Success:

  • Raspberry Jam: Typically, WFPB natural raspberry jams come with the seeds in the jam.  We found that the seeds were distracting to the palate in the sauce.  After we made the sauce, we strained it through a fine-mesh sieve to remove the seeds.  This only took about a minute or so and worked perfectly to remove the seeds, leaving a very creamy, smooth sauce.  If you can find a WFPB natural raspberry jam without seeds, you can skip straining the sauce.  To remove the seeds from the sauce simply place the sauce into a fine mesh sieve over a bowl, then press down on the sauce with a rubber spatula so it falls into the bowl, keep pressing the sauce until the only thing you have left in the sieve is the seeds which you can then discard the seeds.  Don’t neglect the removal of the seeds.  It’s important to remove them.  Note:  Additionally, we tried to strain the jam through a fine mesh sleeve, it is too difficult; however, straining the sauce after it is completed worked perfectly.
  • Pickled versus Fresh Jalapeno Peppers: Fresh jalapenos do not work as well in this sauce.  You do not need to remove the seeds from the pickled jalapenos.  Make sure you select mild “tamed” jalapeno peppers.
  • Measuring Pickled Jalapeno Peppers: It can be a little challenging measuring out pickled jalapeno peppers onto a tablespoon, just make sure you kind of smashed them onto the tablespoon to get a good solid measurement.  Also, make sure you don’t get any of the juice (brine) with it.  We laid some out onto a paper towel then placed them onto the tablespoon pressing downward to get a solid measurement.  You will use some of the brine in the recipe so it is important not to get any extra brine during this measurement. Otherwise, it will be too runny.  However, note that because this sauce is a cashew-based sauce, it will seize up (thicken) in the refrigerator which is exactly what you want; however, if it seizes up too much, then add a little of the pickled jalapeno brine to loosen it up a little.
  • Color:  We added a tiny bit of beet powder to enhance the color of the sauce. This is optional. Without the beet powder, the color of the sauce is slightly less vibrant.

 *Notes Continued:

*Pickled Jalapenos:  We used Mezzetta Deli-Sliced Tamed Jalapeno Peppers.  Be sure to select a the jarred mild (“tamed”) pickled jalapeno.

*Raspberry Jam:  We used St. Dalfour Red Raspberry Jam.  It is Whole Food Plant Based.  You can use your favorite raspberry jam.

*Sea Salt:  Please adjust the sea salt based upon your family’s sea salt preferences and/or based upon dietary needs.

*Vegan Jalapeno Popper Burger:  We designed this sauce specifically for this burger.  They are an amazing combination.

*Serving:  Makes about approx. 1 cup of sauce

*Storage:  Use within 7 days.